Rihanna became a mother and no one knew, say that it is Drake


Businesswoman, singer and model Rihanna has caught the attention of his followers as published a few photos with a baby and claim that he is the son of Drake.

The interpreter “Umbrella” it is known for being quite discreet with his private life, although in past years we have met some of their couples, maybe that is why it became someone more reserved.

Currently in his official account of Instagram has one hundred twelve million followers, so any publication that you make can become viral immediately, as were their recent photographs.

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A publication shared F E N T AND (@ririgalbadd) the

But don’t be scared is not a human baby, but rather it is a monkey baby, who is feeding them with the utmost care.

In the comment box you can find reviews that claim that the baby he is the son of Drakealthough he recalls it was his sentimental partner yet ended at the time.

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Rihanna was born in Saint Michael, Barbados; February 20, 1988it has become a successful singer and empowered woman as we all know in addition to outstanding entrepreneurs.

Life has never been pink for the famous singer, where, despite so many lawsuits that he witnessed did not persist by overcoming all the challenge you present, so maybe you associate his relationship with the singer Chris Brown.

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However, with the passage of years the interpreter of “Love on the brain” has been able to move forward without the need of having a man at your side, even if you don’t hate she knows that she can achieve what is proposed as it has been doing becoming one of the favorite celebrities to the public.

Making love, cantaro dance with their songs Rihanna up to the time it takes a life all we would like to live, and even we would like to be that monkey baby in her arms.

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