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Despite the ups and downs in the relationship with her father, Rihanna has not given back to its parent when this has had coronavirus. Ronald Fenty was caught up by a couple of weeks ago and it gave positive in the tests, so their daughter decided to send a fan to Barbados, the caribbean country where he was born singer.

“Honestly, I thought I was going to die,” has revealed Fenty to The Sun. From the house in Saint James that you bought your daughter and has already recovered has responded to this british newspaper, through which he has wanted to convey a message of affection to his daughter: “I have to say that I love you, Robyn” [nombre auténtico de la artista]. It has also taken the opportunity to demand of their government more restrictions to curb the spread of the virus as well as recommending to the citizens to stay in their homes: “I Want the whole world to be at home. This situation is serious.” However, it is one of the countries least affected by the Covid-19 with five deaths so far.

Fenty remained a fortnight in the centre of isolation of Paragon and then ended the recovery in its housing. There Rihanna sent a mechanical ventilator if his father was suffering complications, but ultimately not needed. It has only been afflicted with the fever and has detailed that the singer contacted him to check on its status. “She did a lot for me. I appreciate everything that he has done”, has concluded the parent.

The relationship between father and daughter has not always been cordial. In January of last year, Rihanna sued his father for alleged fraud and false advertising. According to documents filed in federal court in Los Angeles (California, Usa) and rescued by the news portal The Blast, Fenty created in 2017, a company that did business in the name of the artist, despite the fact that she never was involved in the project. He reached to hold talks on a concert tour in Latin america in exchange for 15 million dollars (13 million euros).

Years ago Rihanna also discovered that his father had sold information about the physical abuse that was a victim in 2009 at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. In an interview with Vogue the singer admitted that she knew that it broke his heart when he realized what his father had done. “You hear terrible stories about people who are behind doing weird things, but you always think it will never happen in your family. I never thought that my father would do something like this, but he did. Went to the press and told them a bunch of lies. He had not spoken to me after all that, or called me to know if he was alive even, nothing. Just went to the media and gave them their checks,” he explained. “I wonder if he really cares about me. It is something very strange. It is the only word I can think to describe it, because far to the side of your father, you know, you’re a part of your life. And then this madness. I can not understand,” she added then.

According to published the journal Daily Mail, the father of the artist had a strong cocaine addiction and has abused continuously from the alcohol. On several occasions even had to be expelled of events in which he was the singer for her erratic behaviour after drinking too much. In addition, the performer revealed that his father struck him repeatedly to his mother during his childhood, coming to break the nose on one occasion. Ronald Fenty and Monica Braithwaite were divorced when the singer was small, but in recent years they have come to pose together at events to show your support for your daughter.

Fenty is not the only one who has enlisted the help of Rihanna during the crisis of the coronavirus. The artist was one of the first celebrities to donate large sums of money to combat the disease. In a first moment gave $ 700,000 (more than 645,000 euros) and then returned to demonstrate their facet altruistic offering five million dollars (about 4.6 million euros) through the foundation, Clara Lionel, an organization created by the singer in 2012. This money has been allocated to different food banks for people at risk of exclusion and older that operate in the united States. Another part has been used for the purchase of medical equipment, with special attention to countries like Haiti and Malawi, and to allocate funds to the research of the vaccine. Next to Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey, one of the confudadores of Twitter, has gathered $ 6.2 million (5.7 million euros) to mitigate the economic effects that the pandemic is causing in the united States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and sub-saharan Africa.

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