Rumor bomb: Jennifer Lawrence could be starring in the fourth sequel of Star Trek


Despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic coronavirus, many studies are confirming new projects and among them is this Paramountthat days ago he left to transcend to the next and fourth installment of the popular series of Star Trek not only is on the way. According to the website We Got This Coveredthe film could also add to Jennifer Lawrence between your new figures.

Meanwhile, it was learned that Noah Hawley since he was hired to write and direct the next adaptation of the saga space, re-posted by the director J. J. Abrams in 2009 and starring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto in the skin of Spock. But that’s not all: after disposing of a reebot of the history, not only it is known that this fourth film will be a continuation of the saga, but there is a fifth film planned, and that could be targeted by Quentin Tarantinodirector that on several occasions he expressed his passion for Star Trek, which he called a “Pulp Fiction in space”.

What we will soon see Jennifer Lawrence to cross the space aboard the USS Enterprise? We will have to wait to the confirmation of the rumor, as the star is one of the most in demand by the studios for future projects. Meanwhile, the franchise’s television expands with the series Star Trek: Discovery, which has been two seasons, and with Picard, a fiction about the history of the character played by Patrick Stewart already released in Amazon Prime Video.