Selena Gomez confessed that he enjoyed making them suffer to their partners


Editor: The Popular20 Apr 2020 | 15:05 h

The singer Selena Gomez surprised more than one of his followers to do a mea culpa about the romantic relationships you had in the past and came to recognize that it may have been a “bride-toxic” on more than one occasion.

Through an interview with the magazine ‘Genius’, the interpreter of 27 years, told how he came to enjoy the make suffer to their partners.

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Selena Gomez he confessed that manipulate their boyfriends supposed to feed his ego at the time that he began to succeed on the big screen.

“It is the satisfaction of hurting someone because we know that they do care. By the way, if we don’t knock the person that we are to lose confidence and so not to lose them. It’s like: ‘oh, I’m happy that you’re crying for me, clearly I still loving’, and all those things,” said the artist.

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However, the interpreter made it clear that this was in the past because it was a product of the immaturity that lived in adolescence.

“I think that both men and women do, especially when we are teens. It is the satisfaction of hurting someone because we know that they do care,” said Selena Gomez.

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In the face of these statements, the followers of the artist did not hesitate to relate these statements to the relative that lived for a long time with Justin Bieber, which has been in the eye of the storm for several years.

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