Selena Gomez sued video game by the use of her image


Selana Gomez has made news recently, but not for a new song, but that by filing a million dollar lawsuit against a video game for the illegal use of his image.

The interpreter was against the companies Guangzhou Feidong Software Technology Co. and MutantBox Interactive Limited, the responsible of bringing to market the game “Clothes Forever – Styling Game” which is about buy and sell wardrobes, that is to say, linked to the theme of fashionista.

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“The defendants never asked, consulted or informed Gomez about the use of any of its rights of publicity in connection with the Game”, says the demand confirmed by Variety.

One of the arguments used by Selena Gomez, is that their digital version makes reference to a photo that I took for the cover of the magazine Fare.

With this complaint the picture looks a bit dark for the company’s video game, given that it also have characters igualitos to Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, and, very likely, nor should his approval.