Shakira and the three exercises sure to tone buttocks


In times of confinement, the body barely moves and the joints noticed, as also the muscles and the mind. There are many people that have purchased products from gymnastics online or have chosen to be fitted to a gym improvised at home with everyday items as weights with two carafes of water or run a corridor up or down. Many coaches people have used social networks to make direct in Instagram where they have made virtual classes and have given many tricks to keep a good body locked up at home.

One of them is the trainer of Shakira, Anna Kaiser. The young man is also confined in the US and currently have all the time in the world. She doesn’t let even a single day of training and sample exercises on Instagram accompanied by hundreds of tricks. Anna Kaiser it focuses much on your glutes, that’s why Shakira has so worked.

To get them to tone Kaiser gives three simple exercises that you can do from home. With them also work calves and muscles external and internal. It is very important to do this throughout the day several times.

In the first exercise you must put in cunclillas with the feet together and the arms outstretched touching the ground only with the tips of your fingers without supporting you at all. Lift the soles of your feet, resting only on the tips and do 20 repetitions. Your thighs should stay close to your abdomen and at the time of uploading the feet, your knees will be touching your breast. This exercise, in addition to being functional to the buttocks, it is a great workout for the calves.

In the second exercise you should extend one leg as if you were to make a lunge side, protected flexed with aligned with your knee, turns the foot out to the side, then forward and finally pushing to soar. While you do these movements, your opposite leg should remain stretched at all times as a point of support. Execute 10 repetitions for each leg.

And for the last exercise you will need two towels. Kneel on them on the floor and put towels under your knees to prevent slipping, with the back straight, shoulders relaxed and abdomen and buttocks tight, slide your legs outward and inward. Anna Kaiser he explains that while more you can extend your legs are, the greater will be the effort. At the end of 10 reps of broad movements, keep the same position and with more movements small and fast add 20 repetitions.