The 50th Earth Day goes digital for the confinement, but not to

This April 22 marks the Earth Day, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, in special circumstances by the pandemic coronavirus that keeps them locked up in their homes of half of humanity. But that does not stop the organizers, which are multiplying digital initiatives to mark this date.

In general, at the Earth Day is held demonstrations and rallies, in addition to raising awareness about the threats that weigh on the planet, mainly climate change and pollution.

On this occasion, the organizers have decided to adapt and continue actions on the Internet. The main one is to spread a positive message: that we still have time to stop the climate crisis.

On Wednesday, we’re LIVE – Tune in with Earth Day live on the 22nd of April while actually perfuse the world with messages of hope, optimism, and above all, ACTION.

Join us for the 50 years of Earth Day

Propose that to convince friends to vote for political representatives committed to fight climate change, have created a world map in which you can leave messages on the protection of the Earth and its inhabitants and have created the “largest initiative of citizen science” with Earth Challenge 2020 a mobile application that brings scientific information to the local level. They also have other art projects and scientists.

“Thanks to the heroic actions of priests around the world, we will overcome and we will recover from coronavirus. Life will return to normal, but we must not allow the return to normalcy. Our planet, our future, depends on it. Find here the inspiration to act, read other stories and add your voice to the map. As we move beyond this immediate crisis, we’ll tell the world that we are ready to solve the next”[theclimateandenvironment”saytheorganisers[laclimáticaymedioambiental”dicenlosorganizadores

The movement against climate change is gaining ground all over the world, especially among young people, with figures like the Swedish Greta Thunberg.

Precisely Thunberg will give a talk beside the scientist Johan Rockstrom organized by the Nobel committee.

Your email also pollutes the Planet

The creators of the World Cleanup Day, the Global Day of Cleaning, have taken advantage of this half-Centenary of the Day the Earth confined to call to celebrate a World day of the Cleaning Digital. As organized the largest collection of garbage in the world, propose that we clean our email accounts, our accounts in the cloud and our devices applications and files are unnecessary.

Because even if the confinement has improved the quality of the air, is also multiplying exponentially the use of the internet, and the storage of data is also contaminated.

Ensure that the carbon footprint of the Internet is 3.6% of the global, similar to the air traffic. In addition, maintaining our equipment “clean” lengthen your life, which implies a reduction of consumption and waste generation, and CO2. Also remember that a computer ordered, it also helps to focus and keep the mind more clear.

It is true that there is one of the most fun to perform. But, remind the organizers that:

  • If every person in France will automatically delete 50 emails, would be to shut down 1,600 million low-energy light bulbs for one hour, turn off the lights of the Eiffel Tower during a 24-hour, or even half a day of consumption of electricity in Paris.

  • If every adult in the Uk will be sent an email less thank a day would save more than 16.433 tons of carbon a year, the same thing that 81.1522 flights to Madrid or remove 3.3343 diesel cars of the road.

  • Each e-mail is spam, even if it’s not opened, releases an estimate of 0.3 grams of CO2 in the atmosphere. An e-mail with an attached file released 50 grams.

They propose to clean up our smartphones from useless files and unused apps, computers, email accounts, and above all, change our use of the Internet to reduce the sending of emails and the multiplication of files repeated or useless. In full confinement “is the time to pay attention to the mess digital of our lives,” said Heidi Solba, president and the Network of NGOS Let’s Do It World, which organizes the World Day of the Cleaning, which in 2019 carried 21 million people to clean up 180 nations.

“This is a cleansing that anyone can do, you don’t even have to get up from the couch. It is estimated that there are 3,600 million users of the cloud. If each and every one of them transfirieren 1 GB of data to external hard drives, that would mean freeing up 3.5 million to TB in the data centers, which is expected to consume 20% of the world’s energy consumption in 2025,” adds Solba.

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