The Barbecue, I Want to Dance, Bike… These songs give you clues about your plans post-quarantine

To day of today, we do not have certainty about the day that will end the quarantine. Nor do we know when we can resume our normal life after the end of the confinement. However, the music is always there to give us clues as to all such plans or moments that we missed and that we wish to retrieve.

For example, a barbecue with Georgie Dann and family, a ride on the bike Carlos Vives and Shakiraor a getaway to Venice with Men G.

Fancy, right? Sure that at some point these weeks you’ve stopped to think in everything that you want to do as we wake from this bad dream.

Today we will review the best plans post-quarantine thanks to the best of our music.

Oh dreaming is free!

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