The brothers Russo could return to work for Marvel Studios


After you have closed a circle that began with Captain America: The Soldier Winter and that ended in epic form with Avengers: Endgamethe brothers Russo will return to work for Marvel. If it is that one day they do. But both Joe Russo, including: Anthony Russo have confirmed that they discarded.

In fact, ensure that you remain in contact with the study of a very common and therefore, it is inevitable that at some point may appear any idea which ends up with them, again, already engaged in a project to the UCM. Then we tell you all the details.

In the first place, it is important to remark that the statements have come from the hand of Comicbookwho has interviewed the Russo on the occasion of the imminent release of Extraction (here, Tyler Rake), which will come exclusively to Netflix beginning next Thursday, the 24th day of April, 2020.

Anyway, in the chat has been inevitable get to appreciate the possibility that both end up returning to Marvel. This is what that has commented on Joe Russo about it: “We have spoken with Kevin [Feige] and Lou [D’Esposito] all the time in Marvel. And with Victory [Alonso]. They are all friends of ours. We have sent text messages, seeing how they’re going to all. We met with Lou for dinner regular once a month and there are always conversations. I think, you know, when all of us with the correct project. you can be sure that we will jump the first.”.

In case outside little, Joe Russo has also confirmed that both would be very happy to work again with Robert Downey Jr. in the future. And not only that, but everything seems to indicate that they already have several projects in mind with all of the great actors of Endgame. You can read the full statements about it below.

“We’d love to do something with Robert Downey, we are talking about some things with him. There is another project to talk with [Chris] Evans, there are two more projects we’re talking about with Hemsworth. There is something more that we are talking to Holland. We love our family, our Marvel family. We all had a lot of time together, we laugh a lot. We enjoy working together and that is a priority for my brother and me. We have to love the creative aspects of a project as much as we love the people with whom we are going to work for everyone to have a great quality of life.”.