The confession more romantic Marron on the journalist Arancha Morales


The latest installment of The Anthill he has left us one of the most unexpected moments of the program. A few times the partner of Pablo Motos, Jorge Marrón Martín-better known as ‘Marron’-, acquires a special prominence away from your sectionalthough in these last hours has been precisely what has happened.

This is the first time that it is pronounced about their relationship

The scientific collaborator of The Anthill had to be put in the predicament of choosing between two products: the beer or the chocolate. In this original game that were subjected Pablo Motos and the rest of co-workers, Brown didn’t hesitate to stay with the beer. However, what I didn’t expect was that I had to choose between two options that are very important to your family.

In particular the protagonists of this option were their two dogs and, on the other hand, your partner. Even if the employee is a lover of animals, and even more of your pets, it is certain that he did not hesitate to respond, “I’ll stick with my Aranchi”. The big smile that showed the own Brown betrayed the good time that crosses their relationship, which few knew.

And is that the followers you accumulate this contributor The Anthill did not know until the date from some years ago, maintained a relationship with the journalist of Telecinco. This is Arancha Morales, best known as the presenter of the informative morning of the chain.

Began in 2018, allowing herself to be seen in various wedding

Both comenzaron their relationship in the year 2018, and since then they have been seen to show off their relationship in the many recent weddings you have attended, such as, for example, Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio in June of 2019. Although both tend to be quite active in social networks, what is certain is that seem to carry with discretion their relationship, at least with his followers.

The case of Brown and Blake is just one more of the many relationships in the past few years in the world of television. It should be noted that the partner of The Anthill is already a veteran of the big screen since his debut, from the hand of Pablo Motos, in 2006. Something more recent is the presence of Blake in television, as before, formed part of major national media, such as, for example, in this house.