The cycle of readings for Instagram by the people who already spent Graciela Borges, Joaquín Furriel and more

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Read at home it is a proposed collective of reading passed down through Instagram. Its creators are Juan Parodi and Maxi Legnaniwho have the intention of bringing literature to thousands of people during this season of social isolation, preventive and mandatory. The protagonists of the contents of this project are the actors and actresses that broadcast live from the social network a 15-minute reading.

Within the artists who have participated in Reading at home until the time we can mention Graciela Borges, Mercedes Morán, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Pilar Gamboa, Joaquín FurrielCarla Peterson, Mirta Busnelli, Félix Bruzzone, Susana Pampín, Julieta Díaz, Soledad Silveyra, Analía Couceyro, Valeria Lois, María Inés Sancerni, Naomi Frenkel, Mercedes Funes, Osmar Nuñez, and Paul Messiez, among many more. All of them not only shared a story selected, but who discussed with the audience how they are living this quarantine enacted in many latitudes by the pandemic coronavirus (COVID -19).

By means of an official statement, it was confirmed that soon will arrive the official podcast that will offer the readings for this project on streaming platforms. Regarding this, Legnani points out: “In these hours, we are launching the podcast with readings, which will be available on Spotify and other platforms, starting with an idea and development of Nicolás Diab. And on Sunday we will have, after the close of gold of Graciela Borges the last weekend, a day which, I think, promises: are already confirmed Cecilia Roth, Cristina Banegas, Nelly Prince, Paola Barrientos, Osqui Guzmán, Leticia González de Lellis, Boy Olmi and Carola Reyna, and Marine Bellatti. In addition, the foundation SAGAI put together a cycle associated to Reading in the home to accompany the performers in this delicate economic situation, and also in that cycle, the artistic quality is high.”

It is a resourceful and supportive of using literature as a bridge to connect us in these difficult times and to immerse yourself in great stories. It is also of note that you can also enjoy the contents in the Read at home from their Youtube channel.

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