The life of luxury and bohemia Julian Schnabel


Boots ‘Julian Schnabel’: A Private Portrait’ and we see his protagonist in one of the islands Li Galli of the amalfi coast, between Capri and Positano. Rudolf Nureyev lived in which is considered one of the most outstanding and most exclusive on the planet. Leonardo DiCaprio celebrates his birthday in this villa built by Le Corbusier, in which Schnabel it stretches before playing with a rubísimo baby that we can see one of his grandchildren. Dressed in his official uniform, pajamas and sunglasses, the artist descends among pine trees with the child on his shoulders. Overlooking the Mediterranean from a cliff and is thrown head-with style from a considerable height. “When I was young, all I wanted was to be a great artist”, lays down his voice over. “But I didn’t even know how it should be the art.”

No one should seek a minimum critical look at the documentary that just premiered Netflix: between their producers, appears the own Schnabel (and the actress Valeria Golino). Only one of the participants, an art historian, acknowledges that the painter new yorker embodies the excesses of the art in the 80s and in the 90s she was even frowned upon in certain circles that you liked his work. Friend of Hollywood stars, film director with a short but relevant filmography, Julian Schnabel is the prototype of a successful artist and quoted. Its intensity is easily parodiable, and her life of glamour, flesh of the ‘Vanity Fair’. The grace of the documentary that he wrote and directed Pappi Corsicato is the access to this world of luxurious bohemia, jumping from one corner to another of the planet and with the participation of some of the famous friends of the protagonist.

Cut to Greenwich Village, in the heart of Manhattan, with the Hudson river in the background. In 1997, Schnabel bought a building that had been a perfume factory and sewage treatment. Little by little he was erecting a palace, venetian stucco red seven floors and 15,000 square metres in which they live still some of his five children. In the facade appears its name, Palazzo Chupi, taken from the nickname loving his second wife, model and designer from san sebastian Olatz López Garmendia, with that he also had a house on Mount Igeldo when they were together. One of the five mansions that came out in the reform of building new yorker, belongs to the actor Richard Gere, who paid for it, $ 15 million.

The film follows the fame and fortune greeted soon to this native of Brooklyn 68 years, coming from a family with no connection to the art, who immigrated as a child to a people of Texas. Schnabel was almost the only jew of Brownsville, something that shaped his character, indomitable and tenacious. She graduated in Art at the University of Houston, though spent more time taking acid and surfing, her great passion. The water is very present in the work of an artist that landed in the vibrant New York of the 70’s and managed to enter in the study program of the Whitney Museum of american art by sending their slides between slices of bread. His old friend Jeff Koons, certifies in the film its dizzying ascent to the olympus of the best galleries: “No other young artist has had that success.”

Julian Schnabel and his inseparable surf boards in their shelter-a study of Montauk, in the state of New York. Next to his second wife, the san sebastian Olatz Lopez Garmendia, who designs their pajamas of silk, and in front of one of his works of large format.

Schnabel dreamed of being the cover of the magazine ‘Artforum’ and I got it in 1981, when he was already sponsored by Leo Castelli, the gallery owner who discovered Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Roy Lichtenstein. The documentary reveals documentary images of the era, in which the protagonist befriended Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, who would end up filming a biopic, and especially Lou Reed. The Palazzo Chupi hosted the farewell to the musician after his death, as he finds out the film. Bono, the lead singer of U2, before the camera Corsicato that Schnabel hugged Reed in your pool the same day he died, the author of ‘Berlin’, the disk that has most marked the painter.

Al Pacino, Willem Dafoe, Laurie Anderson and Jean-Claude Carrière also praise in the documentary, the passion and delivery of his charismatic friend, that as soon as you are working outdoors in his larger works in his studio in Montauk, in the Hamptons, as in the house in São Paulo by the director Hector Babenco. Schnabel, present with two works in the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Bilbao, it appears in the films family playing with their children on deserted beaches, riding exhibitions all over the world and in the filming of their movies, as ‘Before dusk’, the story of cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas, who discovered the world Javier Bardem. His film school has been ‘The godfather’ and ‘Spartacus’, which has seen hundreds of times.

His boldness led him to roll ‘The diving bell and the butterfly’ from the point of view of its protagonist, a man paralyzed after an accident who can only blink with the left eye. The only thing that does not count the documentary is the aura of a womanizer conqueror of Schnabel, who has inherited his son Vito: the gallery director of 33 years, the playboy official of Manhattan has been a couple of Demi Moore, Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz, Elle Macpherson, Amber Heard and Irina Shayk.