the man who fell in love with completely


The love life of Lady Gaga has changed radically from a few years ago. Remember: had a relationship for five years with the actor from ‘Chicago Fire’, Taylor Kinney. Subsequently, he committed to Christian Carino in 2019, but did not arrive at the altar, breaking with the that same year, and starting to be much more public with their ‘dates’. However, for the beginning of this 2020, everything changed, because in the new year, began his new love story with a man of the world outside of Hollywood and who today calls him ‘the love of his life’. What your name? Michael Polansky.

Who is Michael Polansky?

“Michael is a very intelligent type, a man very seriously, which has always been discreet”, as well described a source to People magazine at the CEO and entrepreneur, Michael Polanskyin story it was announced his relationship with Lady Gaga. You do not have many details of the origin of Michael, however, we know that he studied applied mathematics and computer science at the University of Harvard.

Also co-created in 2015 a foundation called ‘Parker Foundation’ with Sean Parker (renowned for creating great technology companies like Napster and Facebook, and if you think not to know him, you are very wrong, because it is the character that Justin Timberlake played in ‘The Social Network’) with the aim of combining efforts among various industries to support the life sciences, global public health, civic engagement and the arts. It is also part of the administration of the board of the Institute Parker Immunotherapy of cancer, who is sponsoring the research for the treatment of this disease.