The pandemic by the COVID-19 slows down, but not defeat young ecologists


So that last year launched a campaign urging citizens to plant “two trees to the week” and repopulate their forests to tackle deforestation and landslides aggravated by the change in weather patterns.

In Ecuador, Helena Gualingaof 18 years, has also had to suspend their trips.

Gualinga he was born in the indigenous community of sarayakuwho speaks quechua and includes about 1,200 people in the Amazon. She claims to have learned from the example of their parents and their ancestors to defend the rights of his people. Their struggle has been against a government that they believe has delivered his land with too much freedom to mining companies and oil companies.

Now, he noted, know that you have a voice.

Tia Nelson, daughter of the late senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, founder of the Earth daysaid that his father would appreciate the determination of this generation, just as it did with the young people who became the first Earth day in a big hit in 1970.

The youth climate movement of today has a significant impact and important by doing exactly what I had dreamed of my father in the first Earth Day: get a rally big enough to get out of their lethargy to the established political class, ” said Tia Nelson. “The youth movement of 50 years ago did that. The youth movement of today around climate change are doing the same thing”.