The theory that ensures that Camila Hair left Fifth Harmony by Shawn Mendes

Ensure that Shawn Mendes was jealous of the relationship of Camila’s Hair with her fellow Fifth Harmony.

It was in 2016 when Camila left Fifth Harmony, the girl band that launched her to fame and that gave him the success in the musical world.

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Camila stated that the reason for his departure was that he wanted to go in search of a solo career, but fans have not stopped wondering if there is another reason hidden behind his departure from Fifth Harmony.

While some fans claim that the output of Camila from fifth Harmony was due to a betrayal of their comrades of the band and the label, others have formulated a new theory that involves her boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

The theory that ensures that Camila Hair left Fifth Harmony by Shawn Mendes

Four years after Camila left Fifth Harmony’s fans have formulated the theory that Camila had to choose between music and love.

Camila left the grouping right after that launch of her first collaboration with her current boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, and says that he was the one responsible for this decision, because the rumors of a possible romance between Camila and his partner Lauren Jauregui, they got jealous of the singer.

Others claim that Camila decided to leave the grouping, because he could no longer continue in a relationship so toxic next to Lauren.

Until the moment we don’t know if any of these theories can be true, and if the love influenced the decision of Camila to get out of Fifth Harmony, what do you guys think?

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