The unexpected confession of Jason Momoa (Aquaman) on their children

The world crisis by coronavirus continues, and the social distancing measures remain in force. Now the actor Jason Momoa he has told how she is living in isolation with his wife Lisa Bonet and their children of 11 and 12 years.

The star of DC has explained how things are going in his home during a video call with Ellen DeGeneres.

“We’re having a good time. Normally almost I am never at homeso it’s pretty special,” admits the actor Aquaman, which has skate ramps, rock climbing wall or ski archery in your own home.

“We have a little bit of space. I feel very grateful“she acknowledges. There is also room for his other passions; a large collection of bikes, guitars, pictures, and site for art. Well, Momoa ensures that their children “wear it well” and since then they have activities to not get bored.

In addition, it ensures that they’re “very much enjoying” the extra time with his father they are not accustomed to, but they are also dedicated to distance education, as all children now.

“Thank God that have to their teachers and I have a lot of respect. Don’t come to me for anything… I’m like that prof of Physical Education. Do you want to climb or skate? But basically, that’s all.”

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