These are the 10 best collaborations in the career of Avicii


Throughout the history of electronic music, there are certain artists that will always stand apart for its sound. However, there are others that are placed on the top and that will always be remembered for having changed the course of the history of the genre. There is Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin and The Prodigy, among others. But it also sneaks a contemporary name who was a pioneer of his genre: Avicii.

Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Rolling Stone

The electronic music dance found in the young producer’s face fresh of what you could offer the world when you add combinations of other genres such as pop, country, and even a little hip-hop and R&B. Since 2011, he released his single “Levels” to conquer the mainstream, DJ Stockholm threw a short but remarkable and shocking carrea. One that led him to work with some of the greatest artists of history such as Madonna.

Two years after his death, millions of fans remember him with a knot in the throat and listen to his songs with pain and longing. To do our part, here we will take a tour of the best collaborations of his career. Voices that helped him to create his best tracks, productions in which he worked and songs that are shoved to the side of the great producers of the genre. So here I leave you…

The 10 best collaborations in the career of Avicii

“Wake Me Up” feat. Aloe Blacc

In the words of soul singer Aloe Black, “meeting him changed my life.” The impact of Avicii in the musical and on a personal note, there was a huge said by many artists. When they heard of his death in 2018, Blacc took to his Twitter account to show their condolences and to say that Tim Bergling was a person “incredibly talented”. With this track he showed the world what it would be like his debut album. “Wake Me Up” was the lead single from their debut album True.

This single became the anthem of the summer of 2013 and went down in history as the first song of Dance / Electronic that you have a life list of a year on the Billboard Hot 100.

“I Could Be The One”

To Avicii always liked to collaborate with artists of the genre. Seeing them always as allies and as friends in a story of success and happiness. “I Could Be The One” is a song that was a collaboration with the DJ and record producer Dutch Nicky Romero. Originally, Avicii and Romero made it a year before its official launch in 2012. This piece of track is one of his greatest hymns that were enshrined in the scene in the beginning of the decade of 2010.

“The Days”

Launched as one of the simple face of his second studio album Stories, Avicii released this track with the very English artist Robbie Williams. The song was released worldwide in October 2014, and the official music video has been viewed over 140 million times.


Going back to the collaborations that did with their same gender, it is automatic that we need to think about “Sunshine”. This track was made hand-in-hand with David Guetta to help you add a success to your album of 2011 Nothing but the Beat. The song was awarded the Grammy for being the best recording dance in 2012.

“You Make Me”

The Swedish artist co-produced the song of EDM with his representative, and producer Ash Pournouri as the simple follow-up of “Wake Me Up” on his debut album True. This track without being one of the most emblematic, it was definitely a lot of quality. For example, in the Uk, is put in front of “Wake Me Up” in the list of dance taking first place.

“A Sky Full of Stars” and “Hymn for the Weekend”

If Coldplay is calling you to that to produce two of his best songs of recent times, is that something you have. Just so happened with Avicii. Chris Martin and company recruited him to produce two favorite tracks for the british band. The bathed in EDM “A Sky Full of Stars” from their album Ghost Stories and the single “Hymn for the Weekend”, of A Head Full of Dreams, which featured the pop superstar and queen of Coachella Beyonce.

“Lonely Together” ft. Rita Ora

As the second single from their extended play, Avicii went after a collaboration with british singer Rita Ora. Before the unexpected death of Avicii, this was his song stronger. As a good tip, Cashmere Cat also helped produce this song.

“What Would I Change It To” feat. Aluna George

Aluna George, adopted a mood of introspective in “What Would I Change It To” of Avicii. This track is also one from the AVĪCI (01) which was launched only a year before his death, being the last that was launched in life.

“Lay Me Down”

Since his debut album, Avicii had already had a good eye for choosing singers of a high level to interpret his songs. One of them was l student American Idol Adam Lambert, who gave voice to one of one of the biggest singles of Avicii, “Lay Me Down” from his studio album debut True.

“Friend of Mine” ft. Vargas and Lagola

Without being the best in their discography, “Friend of Mine” is a full of nostalgia. This was the last song loaded in the channel of Avicii on YouTube before his death. It was on his EP final Avici (01) and was produced exclusively by Avicii.