Tom Hardy shares a fun fight scene never seen before of Venom

Although Venom – 35% was not as well received by the public in 2018, we can’t deny that Tom Hardy won the hearts of viewers once again with his charismatic performance as Eddie Brock. The film has unforgettable moments, but Hardy has decided to share one very special to you through your account on Instagram, it is a scene never before seen by the fans.

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We know that Venom focuses on the adventure of Eddie Brock, a committed journalist who begins to investigate the Foundation of Life, directed by the respected scientist Carlton Drake. To discover that there are carried out experiments with human beings, and alien lifeforms, will do everything possible to remove these excesses to the public light. Task that may affect the professional as well as his relationship with his girlfriend Anne. The efforts of the mission to push it to get to know an organism called a symbiont with the ending merging into one.

The criticism Venom were not found to be positive in the majority of cases, but that was not problem for Sony, and that study took note on the achievements of the film, and ventured with a second part after raising hundreds of millions of dollars. Tom Hardy not shared a lot about the filming of Venom 2but on this occasion are encouraged to post a video on where you look in the middle of a hilarious confrontation with his co-star, Riz Ahmed, in the first movie:

Snippet behind the scenes even remotely uncomfortable recorded by Kelly Marcel.

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It is clear that these few seconds of material have shown a fun time in the midst of the shooting of Venom. Both actors are fighting (more or less), but their faces are drawn species of smiles; it is worth mentioning that the background theme, “Hungry Eyes” of Eric Carmenhelps to make the situation more hilarious, and this fragment of a priceless piece.

Although the details of Venom 2 are quite scarce, from time to time involved to share progress. Andy Serkis, the director, shared a bit of information two months ago; he mentioned that for that time it took forty days of filming, and that the new adventure will focus on the relationship of Venom with Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson, and that he has already had a brief appearance during the post-credits scene of the first film.

On the other hand, there are those who wait Venom 2 with great excitement due to rumors of a meeting with Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man. The theories about the meeting between the characters of Tom Holland and Hardy they no longer appear in networks, especially since the launch of the trailer of Morbius, a film whose universe created by Sony could be found with the developed by Marvel Studios. The characters in the lore of Spider-Man are fairly well known, even by those who are not fans of comics or superheroes, to be witnesses of a crossover like that could be very lucrative for both studies.

Morbius I had a premiere scheduled for 2020, however, the crisis COVID-19 has pushed its release until the 19th of march, 2021, a date far enough in. For its part, the things for Venom 2 have not changed and are awaiting your arrival to board on the 2nd of October.

The big loser of the situation is Morbius without a doubt. Sony does not want to take the risk to release it in the summer when Wonder Woman 1984 is by means, or in October and November, with Venom 2 and Black Widow on a billboard, and less to the end of the year with Dune as the big premiere in December. How will affect this delay to the plans of Sony for the characters associated with Spider-Man?

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