Trends to wear skinny jeans in winter


Among all the types of pants you could have in your wardrobe the skinny jeans are some of the most practical and sophisticated at the rate of your line tight to the body that favors the silhouette while produces a refined aesthetic that will complement any type of outfit.

Since its first appearance in the mid-thirties, the skinny jeans have been a key part of our style and year after year continue to demonstrate their versatility by consolidating ensembles spectacular even for the celebrities most elegant. To demonstrate this, we present to you the way in which celebrities best dressed are wearing their skinny jeans to shine whether on the red carpet or in the street style.

What is the color used the skinny jeans Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus attends the show of Saint Laurent.

© Neilson Barnard

To Miley Cyrus fascinated by black pants. When it comes to skinny jeans, the singer opts for models of dark with details that reflect her rebellious personality and unique without sacrificing a sense of distinction to incorporate, better than anyone else, a style glam rock.

The contrast of modern avant-garde features and even punk as skinny torn jeans, boots flat and the use of excessive jewelry, against classic touches in the form of blazers tweed and handbags produce outfits interesting that not only speak of the personality of the interpreter Wrecking Ball also a style well-developed.

What material are the skinny jeans of Eiza Gonzalez?

Eiza Gonzalez combined a blazer with black skinny jeans.

© BG026/Bauer-Griffin

Usually Eiza Gonzalez opt for a clean aesthetic that combines classic elements with modern touches, for this reason the skinny denim jeans traditional in tone light blue tend to be the select model of the mexican actress to complement both casual outfits as ensembles formal.

It is not unusual to find the actress using skinny jeans arena high accompanied by elements such as heels or ankle boots dark and bags well adjusted to the line of your body, however to Eiza Gonzalez also likes to show the more casual and urban these jeans with blouses patterned, jackets, leather and denim.

What details leading Victoria Beckham their skinny jeans?

Victoria Beckham accompanied her skinny jeans with a trench coat to game

© Neil Mockford

The skinny jeans with slit in the calf they are one of the favorite models of Victoria Beckham for its minimalist chic that manages to give a spark of originality to these classic pants without resorting to details too extravagant. Just accompany them with garment elegant as a pair of stilettos high or a coat to the ground to bring to the fore its most sophisticated.

The british designer knows that in order to stand out with a pair of skinny jeans do not lack too many details or additional accessories, just a small cut interesting or a silhouette simple out of the traditional can be enough to give it that bright touch to your style.

How to wear skinny jeans according to Yalitza Aparicio?

Yalitza Aparicio concrete, a casual style with some skinny jeans

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Although some women bajitas you might think that the best option to stylize your silhouette is to wear shorts or dresses that leave bare your legs to elongate your figure, on more than one occasion Yalitza Aparicio we have shown that the skinny jeans can be a great ally to highlight in any occasion and with all sorts of accessories.

The protagonist of Rome, whose style is mostly known for the use of ensembles in bright warm tones, soft and even metal, does not preclude the use of skinny jeans when it comes to consolidate a casual style with a modern touch, you can keep clothing simple, to build an outfit with a silhouette sleek and attractive.

How to wear skinny jeans according to Dakota Johnson?

Dakota Johnson wears his skinny jeans arena high with a pair of booties

© Alo Ceballos

Sometimes you know with what shoes and clothes to combine the skinny jeans it may seem complicated in what occasions is it appropriate to wear high heels? how casual can be your attire before you lose the style? Luckily, stars like Dakota Johnson demonstrate that the secret behind show off a pair of skinny jeans as a pledge of high-profile is not to think of more and show your personality with simple details and a light touch of elegance.

Dakota shows the side more trendy casual these pants using skinny jeans to the waist with items such as coats, booties black and blouses smoothmaking it clear that in the majority of occasions, these jeans will not will need to go accompanied of clothing items that are too striking to realize an ensemble worthy of the catwalk.

What are the errors when using skinny jeans, according to Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston with a pair of skinny jeans

© Arnaldo Magnani

The mistakes that you should avoid when wearing skinny jeans lie in to choose models with a fit wrong that do not favour the line of your body that you begin to dig more deeply into the territory of the baggy jeans. Despite the fact that Jennifer Aniston always delights us with extraordinary outfits both on the red carpet as in street styleon this occasion , the actress had this same problem that is accentuated when using a jacket and scarf at the top that distorted the lines of her body.