Trujillo: venezuelan slashes to a citizen who rented out room LRND | Society


A made of blood was led by a venezuelan, who gave two knifing the owner of the house where he rented a room.

The incident occurred on Monday last in the building located at jiron Grau 515, four blocks from the Square of Weapons.

In that place, Douglas Joseph Bello Garcia (22) and his partner Shakira Coromoto Cinza Diaz (21), both venezuelan, living in a room rented by Frank Diego Carrión Aguilar (33).

The fact is that Monday the wife of the owner of the property identified as Jackelin Rodriguez Islado, was to reclamarles aliens for some damages that had been caused to the premises that they rented.

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Just enough that reproach for the pair of immigrants is to be launched against her for assaulting fist and manazos.

To the cries of the woman, Frank Carrión came out to see what was happening and saw how the venezuelans mistreated to your spouse, so he ran to defend it.

However, I did not expect that Douglas Bello had hidden among his garments a knife and used it to launch two stabbing the owner of the property: a fell in the head and another in the left shoulder.

After committing their crime, the attackers fled of the place, leaving the oppressed in the midst of a puddle of blood and his wife a prey to nerves.

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In these circumstances, the effective police that was of service at the intersection of streets Grau and Orbegoso noticed the flight of Douglas Bello, and Shakira Cinza and after a short chase managed to stop them.

The injured man was assisted and transferred to the Hospital Bethlehem, where the doctor on duty, Roy Mendoza Neyra, was diagnosed with wound sharp in the head and left shoulder, remaining in observation in the Emergency area of General Surgery.

The pair of venezuelans was taken to the Criminal Investigation Division (Divincri) for due diligence. The crime that is imputed to Douglas Bello is Attempted Murder.