Unbelievable but real! Darren Aronofsky confesses to who was going to star in Batman 20 years ago


Darren Aronofsky revealed a few years ago, he was about to direct a version of Batman, who finally was not carried out

For then, the director came to have a considerable success with “Requiem for a dream” and the proposal to bring to the screen one of the superheroes most popular, he was attractive.

The filmmaker I had in mind for the leading role to an actor who by then had a career in franco’s rise and that recently, he was involved in the story, but from another place.

We talk about Joaquin Phoenix that he devoted his career a short time ago thanks to his brilliant performance in “The Joker”.

He told the filmmaker, there was no matching criteria between the study and he said, “The study wanted to be Freddie Prinze Jr and I wanted to Joaquin Phoenix.”

“I remember thinking, ‘Uh oh, we’re making two different movies here.’ This is a true story. It was a different time. ‘The Batman’ that I wrote was definitely a kind of thing different from what we ended up doing”, he added Darren.

To finish, Aronofsky he explained that he wanted to revolutionize the character: “The ‘Batman’ that was before it was ‘Batman and Robin’, the famous in the costume of a bat, so I was really trying to undermine that and reinventing it. That was where I was the head.”