Venus Williams and Alexander Zverev are put in place: the perfect combination of youth and experience expected


Venus Williams, like many of his colleagues, has taken to Instagram Live to interact with different personalities in the last few weeks. Not only entertains fans, but also urges them to maintain a good physical shape to perform some training sessions. Who better to get tips on physical fitness that the 39-year-old remains fit as a fiddle? The today’s guest, Alexander Zverev, is sure to delight fans of tennis around the world.

Venus has entertained tennis fans for more than two decades, and is still strengthening. You may not have been winning the most important titles in recent times, but that doesn’t matter to his fans. She has always been a player wonderful to see.

Venus Williams and Alexander Zverev

Venus Williams also stands out as one of the players the most elegant and cultured of the world. While her sister, Serena is without a doubt the better player, Venus is the best champion in my opinion. Never embroiled in controversies, has inspired a legion of women and men with their career.

And now, with most of the nations in observing a quarantine mass, Venus has taken on the role of cheerleader and coach physics for their fans. Today, you will go to live with the star of men’s tennis Alexander Zverev.

What a perfect combination of experience and youth will be this!

The duo gets together for a session of Instagram is not only wonderful from the perspective of the courts, but it will also be aesthetically pleasing to all sexes.

As demure as Venus is in the courts, she is silly with them. You can expect a lot of talks tennis as you interact with Sascha, while they also expect witty banter from both sides.

If that wasn’t enough to entice you to join in on the fun, Serena Williams could also appear. She has appeared in sessions of Venus live from time to time, so please do not discard.

Zverev will join Venus in your Instagram Live today at 2 PM EST. So tune in and get your daily dose of tennis.