We all want to! Arnold Schwarzenegger the launch of an accessory of great importance


One of the celebrities that has done more than during the pandemic is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who not only has been responsible for donating a large sum of money but is also promoting its new release of barbijos custom.

This accessory of great utility in these times of propagation of the coronavirus is being mandatory for use in many countries, so that the actor wasted no time to decide to take out their own design that all her fans want to have.

Yes, the the former governor of the state of California revealed that 100% of the profits from the sale of the barbijos “Well Be Back” iran aimed at a foundation in charge of providing food and virtual classes to thousands of students in the united States.

The famous phrase of the exfisicoculturista during his role in Terminator falls down like a ring on a finger during this crisis, as it sends a clear message of hope “we will Return”.

Certainly Arnold Schwarzenegger this is not the first personality that announces the launch of barbijos today, but it is by far one of the most has made since he began the quarantine preventive, something that defends completely.

However in the united States you are allowed to go to certain places as long as social distancing, so that the producer it took an escape from his home for a bike ride on a beach, from where you promoted this accessory.

“We’ll be back. We will get through it together. If you want to protect yourself with style and help to feed their families, get your mask,” reported the activist.