What a shame! Shakira falls down on the stage and her skirt is not him … Look what happened!

Shakira without a doubt, one of the artists most famous of the time, therefore it has participated in major events very important

Shakira is one of the most celebrated women in the present, in addition to being an exemplary mother is a human being who is concerned for the welfare of the society, and on more than one occasion has shown.

An example of the before stated, is the foundation”pies descalzos” which makes life in their country of origin. In the foundation educates and trains hundreds of children who lack the financial resources to fulfill their dreams.

In this opportunity, we’ve found a video on Youtube that has left us with open mouth as we can clearly see that the singer Shakira is dropped on the stage in front of thousands of people.

The fact that it happened just at the time that the colombian was closing one of their concerts in The Gilded World Tour. You can observe how the singer falls from clouds but, thank God, came out unscathed.

Let us remember that “The Golden World Tour” was the sixth world tour of Shakira. The tour was conducted in support of its ninth studio album, El Dorado (2017). Don’t you remember?. To meet their expectations, Shakira traveled to Europe, Asia, north America and Latin america.

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