What?! Billie Eilish is to shave off the hair in the style of Britney Spears How overwhelmed are you?


The singer left more than one speechless to see your radical style of look

Billie Eilish it is a young girl of barely 18 years of age who has been around the world with its voice and with its preserved look, that makes it pretty clear that you don’t need to be too discovered to sell music.

Eilish until not long ago was heavily criticized for having revealed in an instant with a suit with which she spent a great vacation in Hawaii, however, Billie made it very clear who uploaded the photos, because for the first time in a long time he felt at ease with her body.

Despite the fact that she is not usually very active on social networks, their fans don’t stop creating pages with your name in where you do and post the best pictures and videos of the young girl.

This time one of his fan pages posted a photo collage of Billie Eilish where it looks with the hair super short, almost shaved, and as if outside little, With a strong resemblance to the rapper Eminem!

The fans of these two celebrities did not stop commenting with emojis of laughter to describe the reaction of the crazy publication.