What do the 17 to 20 April in the house? 14 plans pa’ all

What do the 17 to 20 April in the house? 14 plans: Aquarium, pastries, tour of fear and even a concert of Disney jalan?

Enjoy a visit to the space, music international and delicious recipes this weekend. In addition, there are concerts of Disney, a view of the sea bottom, and many physical activities for the children -and you – won’t be bored this confinement, read here what to do from 17 to 20 April at home.

What do the 17 to 20 April in the house?

Aquarium in home

Dipped your kids to the bottom of the ocean with this journey that the Aquarium Inbursa offers free to all. You can see some of its species more beautiful in addition, you can meet penguins and sharks that live in the place. The children will thank you for it, just give it a click to the league and continue reading what to do from 17 to 20 April at home.

NASA in your home

If you want to know what was photographed by the space probe on the day of your birthday, this site, you’re going to love. In addition there are some activities for children, and the best thing is that it is all from any device with internet.

Famous cantando rolas de Disney

The expected return of High School Musical, Ariana Grande singing the tracks of Hercules, Demi Lovato with the iconic subject of the Cinderella, and more, is that you’ll enjoy with this special Disney from your home. We tell you all the details of the concert here.

My Neighbor Totoro and its Museum

Runs through the famous museum of Studio Ghibli with this tour from your home. If you like the Princess Monokone and spirited away love all the stuff that this video is for you.

Bendis healthy, bendis happy

Active to these children and unlock the cell for a while so that they can draw their tension and stress (yes, children also suffer from it) with some routines of yoga, circuits, games and physical challenges that in addition to putting them in shape will make you have fun and forget the running of the bulls.

Leisure generates wool

If you’re already sick and tired of being locked up and you need wool put to fly your imagination to take you 50 thousand lanotas Luis Gerardo Méndez and Alazraki have for you. Read the note that you leave to know what and how you must deliver your original script, in one of those Martha Higareda interprets your story.

Paint a happy tree

If you are one of those kids who grew up watching Channel 11, sure you remember him. This smiling and creative painter let us put together landscapes cool and simple in the comfort of home with some “accident happy”. Revive those glories, with all its seasons free online.

Pride Mexa

We know that you love cinema, mexa of the new wave, and will leave you jewellery pure jewels (some until you can see them free) that secure I do not acordabas that exist. Season Ducks, Farewell, Rome and more.

Goodbye, lonjitas

The confinement should not to curb your health or your physical condition. We are looking for the best trainers who put together routines, intense and leave you sweating on the floor as long as the quarantine more bearable, what will you enter? What do the 17 to 20 April in the house?… I already have the answer!

Did someone say fear?

Go to some catacombs, sinister or live the mind-bending adventure of Anabelle on these tours and videos of fear that is sure the bravest can stand. After a night of scares, you could rest better ( or not).

Crafts and love

Warms the engines to enjoy the evening with Tidbits and many of his inventions manuals that you see monkeys, cool beautiful. You’ll be able to create along to your children (and relive your old glories) many things to mitigate the stress. It is free and is on Youtube.

Dust the console

If you love video games, and tournaments, we have news: the Playstation released some games that you can download in the network to spend an evening and day full of adventures. What do you say?

Lady of the plants ” (mode on)

Seize the day for planting your own vegetables, to decorate spaces and to give life to your depa with these plants at home that keep air and life, it is vital to have something green near to pass the confinement of a fun way. If you add your children to the garden at home, safe the are distracted for a good while.

Cake rich and easy

Let the kitchen take over from you and learn how to cook your own banana cake, safe, stay well with your crush or with the family. Some recipes really easy and delicious, they will save you wondering what to do from 17 to 20 April in your home. The kitchen is therapeutic!

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