What jab at Zac Efron? The surprise of Vanessa Hudgens for fans of ‘High School Musical’


Though 14 years its premiere, ‘High School Musical’ it has been revived with strength this quarantine thanks to its players and the fans more nostalgic.

After the recent meeting their actors singing ‘We’re all in this together’ in a special Disney during these difficult times, your protagonist Vanessa Hudgens he has published a new surprise.

And due to the commented on smoke bomb of Zac Efron in the event of the other day, the fans believe that Vanessa has released a pullita with your message.

This is a recreation of ‘Gotta go my own way‘the song of breaking Troy and Gabriella in ‘HSM 2’, but instead of Efron Vanessa has accompanied him singing Max Clayton, actor of Broadway and who will share the stage in ‘Gigi’.

The most striking thing has been the message of the actress, that mentions her ex subtly.

“Pueees Max Clayton he has done his part so we can do the duet together. This is for you, fans of HSM. I’m in a loop of High School Musical. Loool”.

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