Yalitza Aparicio, Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston are so different and with something in common


No one would imagine that the type of link to join the actresses Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston and Yalitza Aparicio.

Despite the fact that, in the first place the difference between them are their nationalities and that there is no relationship of friendship between the two there is a reason that could bring them together.

And is that very few have noticed that each of these three women, major figures in the action and for his role in the british society saved something that would connect the three.

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Despite the fact that there are a lot of things that the difference starting with the nationality, following by the environment in which they operate, and that never the three have crossed even a word, there is something that if the related and not what would expect.

The three, in their respective worlds, they used the same dress of Alconetti of the signature The Vampire”s Wife on many different occasions.

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The exclusive garment it was made with ruffles at the hems, sleeves, transparent, and cut to the waist with chiffon silk, metallic, doing all they looked amazing in their respective events.

Was the past 2019 when the duchess of CambridgeKate Middleton, bet for this outfit for a tour that carried out in Ireland, the day we visited the Guinness factory, looking beautiful in colour green emerald honoring the typical colors of the country.

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As to the actress Jennifer Aniston originally from California, ported to the middle of the 2018 during an interview with his friend Jimmy Kimmel in which he revealed some details about the project that he had in next door to Adam Sandler, the Mystery on board.

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In terms of the mexican actress, originally from the state of Oaxaca, Yalitza Aparicio, he became to distinguish with this design at the beginning of the 2019, decántandose for wear in gold color and a longer fit, opted for the outfit on a very important occasion as it was the awards ceremony where the tape, Romewhere his debut was nominated for.