You said it all!! They will kill Cynthia Rodriguez after his return to the tv Was it for both?


The pandemic caused by the coronavirus, has altered the routine of a good part of the world’s population has been forced to stay at home as a preventative measure.

This was the case Cynthia Rodriguez for several days he remained in his home and did not attend the television program “Venga la alegría”.

However, on Monday, April 20, the young he returned to the study and regained her place in front of the cameras.

However, the return was not well received by the public who, in general, very criticized the reappearance of Cynthia in the tv.

Viewers have expressed that the conductive you have had a bad attitude after your holiday and the majority agreed to the tildarla of “very heavy”.

Even among the comments of Instagram, there are those who asked the presenter leave your place in the program in a definitive manner.

“Better see it now until you go heavy”, “Get to the believed of Cynthia“, “How to endure Cynthia? If it is so heavy and believed”, “it Always made me so fake,” Were some of the comments more prominent.