Your biggest mistake! The criticism was baited with Karol G, and this time with reason

Karol G and Anuel AA they are going to quarantine your style, inter costume parties, foam baths and dances spend hours and days, as if what happens outside of your home does not have anything to do with them. The latest provocation of the singer has made their most faithful fans out the claws and criticize with reason.

Already a few days ago the loving couple took a good rapapolvo because of some messages that went to the LGBT community+ of a so -supposedly- little respectful. Quickly, Karol And Anuel they ran to solve this error holding that everything that comes out of their mouths often be misinterpreted.

And not just out of this when Karol, with one of its occurrences, has returned to be placed in the disparadero, has become the target of all the criticism, although this time their excuses will not help anything.

Blame is a tweet published by the colombian and in the playing with the title of his hit ‘Tusa’ and with the message he wished to convey. “Suspended future concerts because TUSAlud is the first thing” was the message that unleashed the wrath of his followers who did not hesitate to make clear the lack of touch of the singer.

According to the ‘bebecita’ your intention with this message it was the awareness of the population the importance of respecting the standards imposed by the health authorities to curb the expansion of the coronaviruses, although their detractors have seen it more as another way to advertise the theme that shares next to Nicki Minaj.

Not at good times for Karol and Anuel, or the same thing is that their occurrences do not have the same grace that had made a few days ago.

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