You’re scared! Cardi B spoke badly of Trump in an interview and now Fears for his life!

The singer Cardi B, after the interview he gave to Bernie Sanders and where he spoke of the Government of Donald Trump, has revealed that things have happened strange.

The composer conducted a live broadcast from his personal account of Instagram where he confessed that he is fearing for his life and that of your family.

And is that the star during the interview of the last April 14, was very critical of the current president of the united States.

The actress has commented that, since his meeting with Bernie, began to pass strange things, and that for this reason, it has begun to feel fear and for this reason decided to tell their followers.

“Since I am doing these videos on live… when has this happen?… since I do these videos live For how long has been this happening?… ever. Now all of a sudden my transmission is without sound, I don’t know, I’m freaking out” commented the new yorker.

In addition, the artist revealed that her husband doesn’t like it when she talks about politics: “he really hates it because it makes paranoid, because lately my Instagram is getting blurry and without sound, so out of nothing”.

Cardi B, took the transmission to make it clear that in the event that something happens that threatens your life or the lives of your family, because they were all aware of the situation.

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