Zac Efron will be Robin or Nightwing as part of The Batman ?


In recent years, the DC Universe it has gone through high and low, losing almost all credibility by its audience. An example of this have been the lack of acceptance and criticism of films like The Justice League or Birds of Prey. However Warner Bros is in search of rescuing the superheroes of DC, with more superheroes, among them Zac Efron as Robin.

It is said that after the premiere of The Batman in charge of Matt Reeves and with Robert Pattinson as the protagonist, it seeks to develop and expand this new universe with more films and characters; one of them would be Robin, or also known as Nightwing.

For this movie alone Nightwing it will have the director Chris McKay, best known for having directed The LEGO Batman Movie, who is very interested in bringing the story of Robin in the film and who has admitted that has as first choice Zac Efron to embody the character and the second to KJ Apabest known as Archie in the series Riverdale.

Zac Efron, Robin Nightwing

Until now this has not been confirmed, but it is true that Warner Bros pretending to revive the superheroes of DC with new proposals; this after Ben Affleck was left to be Batman, or that Ezra Miller could lose his role as the Flash after it has been revealed a video where attacking a fan.

Zac Efron, Robin Nightwing

In addition to possible film Nightwing with Zac Efron as the protagonist, is on the way The Suicide Squad, this time directed by James Gunn and Wonder Woman 1984, which had to delay its release due to the quarantine of the COVID-19.