81% of the rosario paid the rent of the dwelling and went up the nonperforming loans in retail | Rosario3.com


The level of compliance in the payment of rent to the 15th of April was 81% in Rosario. That is to say that the level of delinquency in the item family housing stood at 19%in the context of the economic crisis for the health emergency.

This emerges from a report by the Association of real Estate Brokers of Rosario (Cocir) also pointed out that in the rentals of the commercial area, the level of delinquency was higher and it came down to 32 per cent.

The president of the Association of real Estate Brokers of Rosario, Andres Gariboldi, told Radio 2 that have been relieved 47.800 immovable property intended for housing, and more than 11,300 commercial premises or intended for small and medium-sized enterprises.

“The level of compliance in the payment of commercial rents was 68%. Only the 32% is not paid to term, ” he said.

He also said that taking into account that “the great majority of the real estate had to close offices on march 20 and many tenants were not able to have remote access or accounts bancarizadas”, do not see as negative this 18% of mora.

“In many neighborhoods there are no high-level banking,” said Gariboldi and recalled the claim of the real estate sector to that will enable guards to a minimum in the local to be able to serve customers in the mandatory quarantine.