Activist Greta Thunberg adds to calls to action on Earth Day

The activist Swedish Greta Thunberg was added Wednesday to the orders of a combined effort to combat the pandemic the coronavirus and the climate crisis, on the 50th anniversary of the Earth day.

The dramatic improvements in the quality of the air and the water caused by the insulation measures that have reduced the pollution they have generated purchase orders of a low-carbon future, but the need for millions of people back to work is to cast long shadows the environmental panorama.

With the closure of the economies around the world, the wildlife has returned to the streets of the cities, with wolves, deer and kangaroos to walk along roads, usually packed with cars.

We have seen fish in the channels Venice, that are not already contaminated by the motor boats, while the residents of some indian cities have reported to have seen the Himalaya for the first time in decades.

Satellite images have shown significant improvements in the quality of the air in Europe and Asia, including China, where did the pandemic coronavirus.

But the inhabitants of some of the most polluted cities of China said they feared that the blue skies did not last when the second largest economy in the world to return to work.

“In the second half of the year, when the epidemic is relieved, the weather will get worse slowly, after the reopening of the factories,” said Tang Zhiwei, 27, a resident of Shanghai. “Do all for enjoy the blue sky now,” he added.


Thunberg he said that the action to combat the coronavirus does not mean that the climate crisis has not gone away.

“Today is Earth Day and it reminds us that the climate and the environmental emergency is still happening and that we need to confront the pandemic of the crown (…) at the same time that we address the weather emergency and environmental because we need to deal with two crises at the same time,” he said.

In a message for Earth Day, the United Nations secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, urged governments to use their answers economic to the pandemic, to combat the “emergency is still more profound” climate change.

With the battle lines global emerging among investors that support the measures “stimulus green” and the negotiators of the industry they seek to weaken regulations to the weather, Guterres warned governments not rescue the industries highly polluting.

“On this Earth Day, all eyes are on the pandemic of Covid-19”, said Guterres. “But there is another emergency, even more deeply, the environmental crisis that is developing in the planet,” he added.

Peter Betts, a exnegociador climate for Britain and the European Union, said that there was now pressure to which the stimulus packages of the coronavirus were “low-carbon, climate-smart“.

“A risk, clearly, is that for some governments around the world have an enormous urgency in making their economies are triggered, in which people return to their jobs,” said Betts, who now works for the expert group Chatham House in London, to Reuters Television.

That is a priority for the president of the united States, who want their country, and in particular your industry oil and gas, back to work.

“We’ll never stop fall to the great industry of oil and gas us,” he said Trump on Twitter, where he asked for “a plan that allows the availability of funds for these companies and jobs that are so important to be insured in the future!”.

It is expected that the pandemic coronavirus reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide 6% this year, said the director of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), in which it would be the largest fall since the Second World War.

But that’s not going to stop climate change, said the WMO.

“The Covid-19 can result in a temporary reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases, but is not a substitute for a climate action sustained”, said the WMO in a press release for Earth Day.


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