Actress of ‘Game of Thrones’ blushes at Jason Momoa to confess his love for l


United States.- The famous actress, Emilia Clarke who interpret to ‘Daenerys Targaryen‘in Game of Thrones, revel in the tongue ‘Dothraki‘language of the series, the love she feels for her handsome co-star in the production, Jason Momoa, who was ‘Kahl Drogo‘place of the character herself.

For seven years, when the series was at the top of the waiting and just bean started the second season, Momoa, and Clarke gave an interview where they spoke about their respective character and as had been working together.

Faced with this, Jason said it was “amazing” to share the stage with Emilia, while she did blush and hide when confess his love by saying that it was his “sun and stars” a phrase that ‘Drogo’ le deca to ‘Daenerys’ as a declaration of his love, in the tongue ‘Dothraki’, which was spoken by the race of the character.

Despite the fact that this happened for several years, fans have recently revived this video for the anniversary of the end of GOT, ensuring that has been the ms “tender” that they witnessed throughout the interviews of the cast of the production of HBO.