Alex Morgan moved with his tender message to days of being a mom


The footballer american, Alex Morgan, is only a few days of being a mother for the first time and has moved on to social networks with a tender message about the pregnancy that has touched the hearts of his followers.

Alex Morgan, 30 years old, married to Servando Carrasco, a footballer who currently is without team, were married in 2014 and will be first-time parents.

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“I know that it is something strange to admit it, but I’ve always wanted to be pregnant. I wasn’t sure of everything related to the mother, but pregnancy always seemed to me so beautiful. It was a dream of mine, to feel that my body changes like a small human 100% dependent on me for life. Some of the dreams probably arose out of the fear of not being able to have a healthy pregnancy, or never having “my body” back. I think that these fears inside of me burned even more my passion for the pregnancy. The last nine months have exceeded all hopes and expectations that I had and something more.” Said Morgan.

Alex Morgan ended his message with this beautiful phrase, “For all moms pregnant and post-partum), you’re so beautiful. Every body, story and journey is different and just as beautiful.” Ended.

Alex Morgan was surprised a few months training with her advanced pregnancy.