‘All in Challenge’: Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds and Leonardo DiCaprio offer unforgettable experiences in exchange for donations

United States it is the country with most diagnosed cases of coronavirus, and their stars have been put to work to contribute their grain of sand.

Nothing of actions altruistic or appeal to empathy or emotion. This challenge consists of encourage people to make donations (to help the people most affected by the pandemic) with a bait of the most sweet-toothed: live a unique experience with your favorite artist.

In this way, many Hollywood celebrities are offering to be ‘the reward’ in a time when we have to join forces between all. If you donate money in ‘All in Challenge’ you enter a lottery to get such amazing things as that the very Justin Bieber go to your home just to sing ‘One Less Lonely Girl’.

This is not the only option. The singer Drake has launched a donation in the offering the winner a trip in his private plane to Los Angeles to go out with him for one of the clubs of fashion among celebrities such as the Kardashian-Jenner.

‘All in Challenge’ has also been that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds park aside their differences (the horny prick that always bring between hands) to spend two hours with the winner and ‘mount a lemonade stand’.

And the list of experiences unforgettable does no more than raise. Some of the more mind-boggling are: co-host alongside Ellen DeGeneres one of their famous programs, play golf with Justin Timberlake and Bill Murray or appear in the film that are rolling Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro directed by Martin Scorsese.

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