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At the beginning of 2017, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp remecieron Hollywood separated after 15 months of marriage. The relationship came to an end in the midst of several allegations of physical violence against the renowned actor, who by little seen to drop all his career by the scandal.

The interpreter of Pirates in the Caribbean, defended to mid-2019, and filed a counterclaim, alleging that it was his former wife who struck him and burned the face with a cigarette. In this way, the famous 56-year-old stated that he was a victim of domestic violence.

YOU CAN SEE Johnny Depp reappears on trial for defamation after allegations of Amber Heard [VIDEO]

Amber Heard accused of physical violence to Johnny Depp.

In the beginning, Amber Heard had the support of the press and the fans. However, all that crumbled with the filtration of audios, where the actress confessed to having abused Johnny Depp.

The british newspaper Daily Mail spread of exclusive material. In him, we listened to the actor and his then-wife, talking about past discussions and where both the recognized verbal and physical aggressions.

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Johnny Depp put in a counterclaim for defamation.

“You act like a baby, mature a p… time, Johnny”, is heard to say to Amber.

“I went last night. Honestly, I swear, because I could not bear the idea of more physical abuse from one to the other. Sweetheart, I tell you this only once. I’m terrified because we seem to be a p**or box right now,” says Deep.

I can not promise that I will not make use of force. Godto my**, sometimes I get annoyed so much that I goes hand in hand,” recognizes Heard in another part of the recording.

After filtration, the actress Aquaman won the repudiated of thousands of fans and sympathized with Johnny Deep.

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Johnny Depp demands Amber Heard

Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for defamation and has asked for around us $ 50 million as a repair, since the statements of the young 34-year-old hurt considerably his artistic career.

The actress wrote an article in the Washington Post which had details of the alleged assaults. In the complaint, the artist of Hollywood, said his former wife used make-up to fake a bruise on the face.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were married on 3 February 2015.

Amber Heard could go to jail

According to the portal International Business Times, Amber Herad would face serious charges for falsifying evidence and which would consist of up to three years in prison.

“The Penal Code of California declared that it is illegal to alter, amend, plant, place, conceal, fabricate, or move any physical evidence with the intent of making someone is accused of a crime,” says the middle

Amber Heard could go up to three years in prison for falsifying tests of aggression.

Johnny Depp lost part of a finger

In march 2015, Deep, and Heard starred in a strong fight. In that opportunity, the now-former spouse shared a mansion in Queensland, Australia, and after the quarrel the house ended up with damage in a value of 75 thousand dollars.

According to information from Daily Mail, the interpreter of 56 years lost part of a finger after being attacked by Amber with a bottle.

Johnny Depp lost part of a finger after being attacked by Amber Heard.

When did you start the trial?

The trial was scheduled for the 23rd of march and Johnny Depp would be 17 witnesses for the complaint, as detailed through ET Canada. However, and due to the pandemic by the coronavirus, the case was postponed until further notice.