Amenazzy is the artist most intentional of RD and The Alpha is just a smokescreen


Your ego can become an obstacle for your work. If you start believing in your greatness, is the death of your creativity”.

The music industry is subject to constant changes every year and we are in a time where the speed of the consumer is becoming more and more fast. We have different artists, different generations, styles, and a few similar ones in the popular taste of the fans and that is that we are living in a golden era of urban music where it is not only Puerto Rico, but also of the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Chile, Mexico, among other countries.

AMENAZZYit is the living example of the urban music dominican has a future and is in your hands, the responsibility of being a worthy representation of the country is on his shoulders. The label that many have given to The Alpha be the star more international urban music dominican is just a smokescreen because of their failed musical collaborations withNicky Jam, Cardi B, Justin Quiles, Yandel, Myke Towersamong other leaders of the Latin music.

The spine of this analysis is based on The Alpha with all of those joining the musical has had only a short time success on the international scene, and constant only in the dominican community. Amenazzy with less joining international in its brief has made an impact more at the international level and those joining have penetrated into the popular taste beyond the dominican community. Has had success #1 “Baby”(Ft. Farruko/Nicky Jam), “Desert”(Ft. Don Omar), “God Bless Remix”(Ft. Arcangel, De La Ghetto & Noriel), among others. The quality of the music between the two artists is 100 thousand light years, as the discipline and projection.

The Alpha musically, it is a lot of talk and little done, since we can’t focus on the money, that is not the topic here. It is an “artist” that focuses on predispose to the ignorant public that continues to become larger it is and to achieve this based on the clothes, the cars and sold as an example of overcoming mixing his failed artistic career with perhaps the little that he has monetarily speaking, compared with other urban artists dominicans asDon Miguelo, Vakero and the female artist international Natti Natasha. Amenazzy for your party with a personality low profile, an image most of the time, and own, music more digestible, has managed to connect more with international audiences and their joining music with other stars have had more effects in the music.

Why The Alpha has not been pasted beyond the dominican community in spite of his fortune, investment, and collect historical?

This question is for those who doubt the veracity of this analysis and the depth of the same. The numbers are there, the facts speak for themselves, and speaking of that, we can speak of The Alpha filled the palace of sports announcing to medium urban genre in Puerto Rico, while Amenazzy filled the arena del cibao in Santiago De Los Caballeros, with little promotion, no announcement of guests, and is limited to just two or three posts in the social networks.

Judge you, follow in your dembow and make great artists that put on the decline in the quality of the music, the business, and limits the local talent.

Until the next time.