Ariana Grande and Rihanna created fund of support alongside political covid-19


Celebrities from the worlds of song and film as Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Stephen Colbert and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have been added to the relief fund Project 100created by two us politicians to distribute bonuses to help families affected by the coronavirus.

The initiative is an idea by two democratic representatives: Stacey Abrams, excandidata democrat to govern the state of Georgia; and Andrew Yang, exaspirante to the presidential nomination; with the aim of distributing cheque of USD 1 000 to a total of 100 000 families affected by the economic crisis derived from the pandemic.

Under the name ‘Project 100‘the idea has managed to add the participation of other politicians, activists, philanthropists, and celebrities, who have already collected $ 55 million out of the 100 that were marked as a target, reported their own Abrams in your Twitter profile.

Among the donors there is also tech giants such as Google, star television Stephen Colbert, and charitable associations as Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.

“The most economically vulnerable, are struggling to survive, unable to afford food or medicine for their children, and much less to cover basic living costs, transport costs and rent,” said Abrams.

The same argument stated Yang in a statement to CNN, in which he criticized the bailout funds for small business approved by the Government of the U.S. will be depleted within a few days of being implemented.

It was also believed that the people benefit by aid officers are “in a better position“the members of the public that will see your initiative, aimed at trades people not covered by the unemployment services, and in situations of greater social exclusion.

“This is a devastating for millions of americans and any person with capacity help you should do everything possible”, added Yang.

A pilot project previous to this fund distributed checks to 5 000 families, added the drivers.



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