Ariana Grande Vs Tatiana Palacios: A challenge to Disney


Songwriter american Ariana Grandeparticipated days ago a special edition of The Disney Family Singalong. In this unexpected encounter, the celebrity gave life to the person “Meg“. A young cynical enslaved by Hades, god of the underworld, who unwittingly falls in love with Hercules the arch-enemy of his master.

To the rhythm of “Won t say I m in love“, the young star took to many viewers of their childhood and engulfed in the “wonderful world of Disney”. The interpretation was so perfect, that it became a trend minutes after on Twitter. Many fans claimed that it was a joy to hear and see her sing.

Through your account officer Instagrammeet the challenge “Disney Family Sing Along” with over 13.000.000 views, the public supported the novelty. In the company of other singers like Demi Lovato, Beyonce or Vanessa Hudgens, who interpreted the greatest hits of company of entertainment of film and animation.

Ariana Grande is mounted in the ring

As not everything is color pink and Disney world proves to not be so palpable, the penalties are massed the video of the young star of the mexican public showed their discontent. Fans of the taco, had a tendency to Tatiana, a performer of children’s songs. What is the union of these two stories?

As for many there was no relationship, until he met that, Tatiana Palacios Chapa, better known as “the queen of children”, was the voice in Spanish america from Megara, she delighted the ear of all of Latin america, to the beat of “I will Not speak of my love”, the same song that played Big.

Tatiana has a great journey in the music industry and acting, so when he played the character, had 27 years of age, a year older than Ariana today. The voice of hispanic Mega came to share credits with the famous Ricky Martin, without a doubt, was born to shine. Although many said that the character already had a owner, both performers proved to have a talent without equal.