Batwoman becomes one of the that receives the highest critical

The characters in the “Arrowverse“, namely, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, among others, can be immature, cocky and even a little innocent, but none are as unpleasant and arrogant as Kate Kane personifying Batwoman.

Just opened in Mexico but saw the light last fall in the united States, the series narrates the life of the premium Bruce Waynewho live angry with the world and is more concerned by seeing who has disappointed the most in this world who find a purpose in life.

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It turns out that Kate (Ruby Rose, Orange is the New Black) is the daughter of Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott’s Relentless Quest 3), the brother of Martha Wayne and the holder of The Crows, the team of elite police guards Gotham.

Some time ago, Kate was expelled from the Police Academy for being lesbianhis girlfriend ended with her and his father did not gave him work in his company, so that, with his hair very short, sheathed in his jacket and enraged with the universe, he rode his motorcycle to go far away to study martial arts.

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However, when he learns that his ex-girlfriend, Sophie (Meagan Tandy), was abducted, returns to Gotham, sneaks into Wayne Enterprises and in a blink of an eye seizes the BatiCueva and all their gadgets to become the new vigilante of the city.

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Or the story, which has a few jumps dreadful in the plot, or the motives of his protagonist, nor the logic of the villain of the story have sense. There is nothing in the protagonist that makes you want to see their feats. Is more, the writers became the stereotype less charismatic of the universe ” tv DC Comics.

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In the absence of its owner, Kate takes the things of Batman with whom, by the way, is also resentful, but, as the citizens of Gotham, the audience was strange to the Man Batbecause your premium spiteful to not fill their shoes, even if you have transformed your outfit with more curves and has taken hold of all your tools cool to catch criminals.

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