Billy Ray Cyrus releases a mixture of cannabis

2020-04-20 17:00:06

Billy Ray Cyrus has joined forces with Lowell Herb Co to cure a personal mixture for your package, black prerrollos limited edition ‘Midnight Special’.

Billy Ray Cyrus is releasing a brand of cannabis.

The singer / songwriter of 58-year-old has joined forces with Lowell Herb Co to cure a personal mixture for your package, black pre-rolls limited edition ‘Midnight Special’.

However, in the midst of the pandemic of Covid-19, Billy, whose mix presents strains Lava Cake and Banana Cream, urged people not to share their joints as they celebrate the 4/20, the day’s unofficial celebration of cannabis, which is held on the 20 of April of each year.

He told Variety: “I Know a Bogart. If you care, don’t share it. Don’t pass the joint or pipe, it is not safe to do so now. Take a breath, relax the 4/20 and playing new music. We’re going to spend a good time. “

The CEO of Lowell Herb Co, David Elias, also acknowledged that the celebrations this year will be “different,” and added: “but the spirit remains unchanged: it is a time to recognize the progress of our industry, to show appreciation for our community and celebrate our momentum towards the end prohibition.”

He continued by saying, “Sharing a joint is normally the way in which we celebrate the 4/20. Unfortunately, we can’t do that this year, but we can share many other things, our stories, our playlists, books, our thoughts and emotions, sending good wishes and positive energy to those we love. What we will overcome together “.

Meanwhile, the daughter of Billy Ray, Miley Cyrus, 27 years, said earlier he actually had more “energy” since I stopped smoking marijuana.

She said: “In [the time of the interview] they were three weeks ago, are now as nine weeks or 10 weeks or something like that. Everyone is always sticking me. A lot of people contacted me and [asked if I want help]. And I say: ‘No, when I want something, I can do it’. Any thing you want to do, if I want to stop or start something, I can do anything. I just decided not to do it more and now it is easy for me.

“It is very strange. I have a lot of energy. I am a very passionate guy, in that I need to work, but it also helps in my position to be a bit obsessive because I can actually do things and make sure it’s perfect. “

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