blood in the nose, bruises…

During the confinement that keeps millions of people around the world confined to prevent the spread of coronavirus have emerged thousands of challenges in the social networks. The majority of these proposals are aimed at to alleviate the boredom and we just want to escape from the critical situation caused by the pandemic. But the challenges viral -also called challengesare not always of good taste.

To simulate a beating

It is the case of the “Mugshot Challenge“a new trend in the network that consists in applying makeup to the face to to simulate a beating. Anything goes: bruises in eyes, blood in nose, lips, broken…

In addition, the participants of this challenge and share photos of your face seemingly shattered with photos that look like those of a mugshot.

Loaded against the creator of the challenge

The pioneer of this challenge has been James Charlesa young make-up artist very well known on the networks. But although many users will have followed the game and have posted their versions, many others have been loaded against him to simulate attacks. In fact, Charles had qeu delete photos after receiving many comments against:

“Although hundreds of influencers and artists have done something similar, I deleted the photo police because my intention was not to cause to no one,” he stated from his Twitter account.

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