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To bad time good face and to the confinement, have a good humor! That is what I have thought Brad Pitt and John Krasinskiwho have joined to the program that the latter has presented online and from their home in which he comments on good news stories and sketches filled with humour. The protagonist of World War Z made a star appearance during the fourth programme which has produced the husband of Emily Blunt and it was a nice joke that followed, nothing more and nothing less than a transmission from the International Space Station. The actor A quiet placethat presents these brief space of about 20 minutes duration that makes the collection of different videos, cute and fun for the spectators cheer, assured sntirse so overwhelmed by the emission from the space that asked for step at the time. “How do you see the thing from there, Brad?“he asked his companion profession, to which he responded, leaning out the window: “it looks good!”.

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Quiet! This is the first preview of ‘A quiet place 2’

John Krasinski took the decision to begin to do these programs, titled “some good news”to encourage his followers, just as has been done in other celebrities national and international, such as Ana Milan or Miley Cyrus, that with their videos and interviews they manage to bring a smile to the people. In addition, the actor from The Office is getting that different stars appear in their videos, which in addition are recorded from your living room with a single distinctive feature: a sign hand-painted on the that you can read the initials of the space.

Sure the appearance of Brad Pitt has earned him many new followers to the program of Krasinskithat is gaining many fans in the last few weeks. But although for many this actor is unknown, what is certain is that the husband of Emily Blunt brings nearly 20 years of its 40 dedicated to film and television, and in particular it has been focused in the genre of comedy.

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Emily Blunt thrilled to her husband, John Krasinski, to pick up the SAG for the movie they filmed together

You sound have seen him in series such as The Office, Jack Ryan or Law & order: Intent criminal or in films such as Dreamgirls, The Holiday or It’s complicated. In addition, they also performed many voice-overs and has given voice to characters as Lancelote in Shrek the third or Frank McCay in Monsters University. In November 2008, John Krasinski began dating Emily Blunt, and s were married in 2010 in a romantic wedding in como, in Italy. In February of 2014, was born the first daughter of the couple, Hazel. Two years later was born their second child, Violet Krasinski.

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Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth and other ‘celebrities’ with brothers-very similar!

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