Brad Pitt, before the pandemic is changing jobs and what it does wrong


Brad Pitt, before the pandemic is changing jobs and what it does wrongbut that will matter little to his followers and ends up in love even more in social networkstherefore thank you to let them see then announce a pause in his career.

After sweeping away all sorts of prizes thanks to her role in “once Upon a time in Hollywood” on the side of Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt found that was really enjoying the action and set off again in his professional career, but also indicated that it would take a while to disappear and create other things.

The following weeks, it was learned that he was on the side of their children, since two of their daughters were subjected to surgery, supported in their care and to amend the relationship with his eldest son, with whom he had departed. Brad Pitt enjoy much of his work, but his role as a parent is priority despite not always agreeing with the mother of the children.

By those time also there was much talk of a reconciliation with his first former wife, Jennifer Anistonbut quickly clarified the rumors by stating that they were all just good friends and that she deserved everything good that he had so much that he had worked with it.

Now, Brad Pitt resurfaces showing his great sense of humor with a new job and where it is lousy but charming.

Brad Pitt, the worst reporter of the climate

In support of his great friend, the actor John Krasinski, who has chosen to do this quarantine more bearable with the news virtual of good news, Brad Pitt turned out to be his reporter for the weather, but the result was disastrous and the video became a trend in social networks as Instagram.

While John is transmitting the program, announced a link in video with Brad Pitt who would give the weather report, but their participation was simply to look out the window and say, “I think it looks very good.” It was brief, it was unexpected and funny, since we know that Brad Pitt has a great sense of humor.

Brad Pitt showcased in a relaxed sweater slim green color that brought out the clear of his eyes and his beard with gray hair, unleashing all kinds of compliments and comments on the network.