Britney Spears is still not get rid of your guardianship


Singer Britney Spears will remain under a legal guardianship that, in practice, cede control over their finances and other key aspects of your life to a third person, at present, their manager, Jodi Montgomery.

The vista that should have been held this Tuesday, to review aspects of supervision to the living subject and to study the possibility of allowing you to win parcels of independence, has been postponed until the 22nd of July due to the current crisis of the coronavirus and all of the temporary orders that had been issued will remain in force until August.

The father of the pop princess had acted as his legal guardian since 2008, when a judge decided to put it under strict supervision -at first temporarily and then permanently – after that I had to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic. However, Jamie Spears transferred his powers last year to Montgomery, alleging health problems. Since then she is the one who has access to the medical information of the artist and who has the power to designate a security team to accompany her 24 hours a day in case it is necessary.

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