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The other morning, stars such as Lady Gaga or the Rolling Stones gave the face in the event One World, and this Wednesday night (dawn in Spain) will be Bruce Springsteen we greet from its burrow to join the front against the covid-19 at the charity concert Jersey 4 Jersey. It is striking to see how these days no one stays at the margin, and that the most shining stars given a sign from on high from their ivory towers. And while those are led the world in its entirety, the Boss attends to the kilometer zero: the needs of New Jersey, the american state which, after the neighbor’s New York is suffering the effects of the virus, with more than 4,000 reported dead for a population of 8.8 million inhabitants.

“Think globally, act locally” suggests the saying, and known as the ‘Garden state’ is headed this festival in ‘streaming’, which aimed to raise funds for the most vulnerable groups and those who are on the front line of battle against the pandemic in the health sector or security. Donations published in the website of a newly established NGO, New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund, under whose umbrella will serve people as the rockers Bon Jovithe illustrious ‘crooner’ Tony Bennettthe young pop singer Halsey and figures of the ‘entertainment’ with links to that state as Whoopi Goldberg or Danny DeVito.

Sum of talent
One of the reasons for thinking that we will leave this, maybe a little before that indicate the owners more optimistic, is to be found in the concentration of talent that works in these moments in the right direction. The figures of the highest competence are therefore, and to its scale, Jersey 4 Jersey illustrates not only that selection of artists, but also by the intellectual capital and operating that operates in the rear: the festival relies on the advice of the portents of the ‘show business’ as Jon Landau (the historical ‘manager’ of Springsteen), Irving Azoff (chairman of the society of Madison Square Garden and representative of artists, just for signing Bon Jovi) or Joel Peresman (president of the foundation of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). Heavy weights, and people with some practice in the things that end up well.

And to the front of them all, Bruce Springsteen, an artist whose harmony of mind with the human race is part of the artistic discourse, that know how to make the songs a mirror of the anxieties collectively. As it was, for example, when the 11-S of 2001 left the new yorkers (and not only them), in a state of ‘shock’. Then answered with an album, ‘The rising’, reset emotional, inviting us to rise up again, walking to grope between the smoke and the ghosts of that “city of ruins”.

In health and disease
Over the years, Springsteen has sung for human rights, in favor of the musicians, deprived of medical care and against the rain; to fight global poverty and to help the victims of natural disasters; for the fight against hunger and in support of the farmers, veterans of war and to the ecological balance of the river Hudson; to fight cancer and neuronal diseases, the exclusion in the city of New York and the crisis of global health, from the hand of the Red Cross. Bruce to the rescue, yes, time and time again, lifted up his voice in a way public, because you lead by example and put the focus help the cause, or extending the hand without getting noticed. Also now, with that covid-19 that should prompt us to bring out the best in us.