CDMX and Edomex apply Today does Not Circulate to all of the cars


After the declaration on Tuesday of the Phase 3 of the infection of coronavirus in the country, the head of government in the capital city, Claudia Sheinbaum, and the governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, announced this afternoon that starting next Thursday, 23 shall apply in their institutions Today does not Circulate to all vehicles, regardless of your hologram.

This measure is only excluded to taxi drivers, cargo transport, people with disabilities, and cars driven by medical workers or Health workers, said Sheinbaum.

“This measure aims to balance on the day of week outputs essential for the people,” he stressed.

On the other hand, the head of the city government also said that from next Thursday it also will close “about 20% of Metro stations, metro Bus, and light rail”, although in his message did not say what.

“This will allow you to increase the speed of the frequency of trains and buses in the seasons of higher demand, where you will board more people. If the trains and buses go faster, there is less congregation of people”, she said.

A third measure that will be taken, in coordination with the transport concession of the city and the service of the Public Transport Network (RTP), is that it will increase the frequencies of the step in order “to avoid the crush of people”.

It will also increase the measures of sanitation of public spaces of the capital and public transport.

And, finally, Claudia Sheinbaum warned in his message that there will be more verification of companies that are not in compliance with the closing set forth in the declaration of the health emergency.

This morning, secretary of Government of the city, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, said that by the time they have closed 30 facilities in the historic centre of the capital by not abiding by the measures of closure of business not dispensable.

“First we do a warning, then another, and if they do not comply they are already closed the business for not supporting the measures implemented to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the city.”

“But this is not chase by chase -emphasized the official, but rather close to those places where there are congregations of people and do not practice the healthy distance”.

Finally, Claudia Sheinbaum insisted there would be “no curfew” in the capital, or impose penalties on persons who do not remain in their homes.

“But we appeal to the conscience, the responsibility, and the willingness of the inhabitants of the city and those who visit us. Stay at home, and if they have to leave, keep a healthy distance and use a face mask in public transportation”, stressed the head of government.

Until yesterday, in the City of Mexico add up to 2 thousand 710 cases of Covid 19 confirmed and 190 deaths.

Measures for the Edomex

In addition to the hoy No Circula widespread, Deck announced these measures to the State of Mexico:

— The stay at home you should be all the time, only to go out to buy food and medicines, and articles of first necessity

— The use of mask is compulsory, out of home and in transport

— Mexibús and Mexicable will operate at 50%

— The public transport concession must operate at 50%

— Apply fines and sanctions to companies that do not comply with the closure of its activities

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