Chris Pine is negotiating to be “The Holy”


The idea of realizing a new film version of The Holy comes around for a couple of years, even with Chris Pratt in the main role, but the project gained force in February of this year, when it was revealed that Dexter Fletcher would direct the new version.

But now it has been known that Fletcher, who headed Rocketman and was responsible for end Bohemian Rhapsody, will be added to the actor Chris Pine, who is currently in negotiations with Paramount Pictures to play the tv character that already had a movie starring Val Kilmer.

In The Wrap they add that the writer Seth Grahame-Smith was responsible for the script that will bring back Simon Templar, a criminal with a heart of gold.

The original series, premiered during the decade of 1960, he was starring Roger Moore, who later won so much exposure, that was chosen for the role of James Bond.